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SHS student jailed 15 years for stealing rice and stew, mobile phone worth GHC700

A 18-year-old understudy from Adanwomase Senior Secondary School has gotten a 15-year jail sentence with extremely difficult work from the Circuit Court at Old Tafo in the Ashanti Region.

Gabriel Osei Kwame was viewed as at real fault for looting Matilda Boatema, an educator at Gyaman Pensan Senior Secondary School. Gabriel confessed to the burglary allegation under segment 149 of the Crook and Different Offenses Act (Act 29) of 1960. The occurrence occurred on Walk 4, 2024, around 7:30 am when Gabriel went after Matilda close to her home in Adanwomase.

He took her Infinix Hot 9 cell phone worth 700 cedis, 570 cedis in real money, alongside a few food things and records. Matilda detailed the burglary quickly to Asonomaso police, who acted quickly. While her pack was found close by in a shrub, the telephone and money were absent. Following examinations, Gabriel was captured on Walk 25 after Matilda distinguished him in Adanwomase. At first, Gabriel denied association yet later admitted to the police, conceding to ransacking Matilda and uncovering that he sold the taken telephone for 250 cedis at Adum PZ.

In spite of endeavors, the telephone was not recuperated. During the court procedures, State investigator Reviewer Alfred Aruk introduced proof from the examination. Gabriel's admission and the recuperated things were urgent proof against him. The adjudicator, His Honor Festus Nukunu, gave over the sentence, taking into account the seriousness of the wrongdoing and its effect on the person in question. Gabriel's activities brought about legitimate repercussions and incurred trouble and monetary misfortune for Matilda Boatema.

In any case, because of conversations around the judgment, Judge Festus Nukunu explained his condemning. In a letter to the Chief Overseer of Wrongdoing Check Establishment, Ibrahim Oppong Kwarteng, he made sense of that his judgment was not in light of taken food things like rice and stew. All things being equal, he refered to two legitimate elements as the reason for the sentence: the utilization of a weapon (folding blade) by the understudy to scare the person in question, which conveys a potential prison term of 5 years, and the worth of the taken things (telephone and cash), which likewise justifies a prison sentence.

Judge Festus Nukunu stressed that his choice was established in legitimate realities, especially featuring the differentiation among burglary and robbery as discrete offenses under the law.


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