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Shatta Wale knelt down, cried and begged Mahama for forgiveness on a flight to London – Rev. Dr. Lawrence Tetteh

Renowned spiritual leader, Fire up. Dr. Lawrence Tetteh has revealed a touching exchange between Dancehall artist Shatta Wale and former President John Mahama in which Shatta Wale begged for forgiveness for remarks he had previously made that were disparaging to the former president.

Dr. Tetteh related the second when Wale, moved by responsibility, moved toward him mid-trip on Saturday, April 27. Wale’s solicitation was straightforward yet significant: to work with a conciliatory sentiment to Mahama, who was additionally present on the flight. Dr. Tetteh agreed, which led Wale to the former president. Wale showed a rare vulnerability when he met Mahama, kneeling before the presidential candidate of the National Democratic Congress to ask for forgiveness for remarks he had made years earlier.

"By chance, Prez, I was going to London on Saturday. The way we were seated seemed to have been planned, and Shatta Wale and John Mahama were also on the flight. Then Shatta Wale strolls to me and said Nuumo I believe that you should help me out. I feel very guilty for speaking to former President John Mahama and going to him. I responded, "Oh no, he is your father," Dr. Tetteh disclosed. "So I went to President John Mahama with him and held his hand. This is no secret, by the way. The plane had it. Publicly.

Shatta Wale began to weep and fell to his knees. I was deeply moved. Shatta Wale. And afterward I said this is my desired soul our kin to do," he proceeded. Mahama answered with beauty, excusing the craftsman and easing up the state of mind with a quip, recognizing Wale’s strong move toward looking for compromise. "We as a whole expertise wild Shatta Wale should be.

But he took a step back and said, "Ex-President, I'm sorry I threw some words at you the last time; can you forgive me?" with humility. After stating that he had forgiven Shatta, President John Mahama responded, "Shatta, you are a bad boy; you brought a whole man of God to come and do this to me; what do you expect me to say?" Tetteh talked about it in an interview with GTV on Thursday, May 2. Shatta expressed gratitude to Dr. in the wake of the apology.

Tetteh, uncovering his four-year battle to track down the necessary resources to apologize to Mahama. Dr. Tetteh applauded Shatta's activities, approaching the young to imitate such regard for public pioneers. "This is the spirit in which I expect us to behave as a nation. Shatta Wale earned my favor, truth be told.

This is the soul I believe we as youngsters should teach, whether it is John Mahama, or Nana Addo Dankwa or Kufuor, sorry I've not called them by titles, but rather every one of them, his excellencies, regard them. Let's value our leaders, and if you make a mistake, apologize,” he continued.


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