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Shatta’s ‘Konekt’ album was removed from YouTube over financial issues with collaborators – Sammy Flex

Manager of Dancehall artiste Shatta Wale, Sammy Flex, has affirmed the removal of the performer's 'Konekt' album from YouTube.

Shatta Wale himself declared the choice on Facebook on March 22, refering to monetary conflicts with different associates on the album. This declaration worked up conversations among Wale’s fans, particularly since the collection included joint efforts with craftsmen like Tekno and Bounty Killer.

On March 23, Sammy Flex provided clarification on Shatta Wale's YouTube channel to address the situation. Sammy Flex made sense of that the collection was taken out due for Shatta Rib's disappointment with the coordinated effort elements, especially concerning monetary issues.

That's what he underlined, notwithstanding Shatta Rib's status as a free performer who puts fundamentally in his undertakings, he anticipates similar degree of responsibility from his teammates. The expulsion from YouTube is viewed as a stage towards settling these issues, following productive conversations between the two players.

Flex promised that the team would investigate other options for resolving the issue and restoring normalcy. "As an artiste, at each specific moment, he has the manner in which he believes that his things should go. At each moment, assuming that these things change, certainly the artiste won't be blissful. The artist won't be pleased. "Knowing the speculation that he has additionally placed in, he would believe different accomplices should likewise come in with a similar energy.

He would expect the other partners to enter with the same amount of force. So that when our powers generally meet up, it will consolidate to give us the fundamental outcomes that we are searching for. "Yet, as a free artiste, as somebody who is financing every one of his activities, he wasn't seeing that. As previously stated, I'm also confident that there is a method for achieving some of these goals. What's more, as far as he might be concerned, he thinks this is perhaps the earliest interaction to deal with that.

"So in order to avoid any back-and-forth, let me first remove the video from YouTube. At the point when I put the one on YouTube down and we can have a few discussions and it works, I'm certain we can fully recover," he made sense of. Sammy Flex encouraged fans to continue listening to the "Konekt" album on other digital streaming services like Spotify, Boomplay, Audiomack, and Apple Music despite the fact that the album has been removed from YouTube.

He guaranteed fans that the group is effectively chipping away at finding arrangements in the background, accentuating that this activity doesn't connote the finish of the craftsman's chances. "There are still a few choices that we can investigate, and that is the very thing that the group will attempt to do in the background before we push ahead. Yet, similar to I'm saying, it doesn't remove the melodies from online business sectors.

The song is only downloaded from the Shatta Wale page in the YouTube app. "The rest of the marketing, as far as I know, also includes their songs on the digital platforms."

Songs are also present in all of their other DSPs. Therefore, in addition to having it on YouTube, you can also listen to their songs on the other platforms, he stated.


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