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Shame on Ghana’s leadership for supporting Israel! – Julius Malema

South African Politician, and charismatic leader of South Africa's Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), Julius Malema, has censured the authority of Ghana for communicating support for the continuous occasions in Gaza.

Malema didn't mince his words while major areas of strength for communicating for activities against individuals of Gaza and censuring the people who underwrite such activities.

He argued that anyone who supported Israel was an enemy of South Africans and that the people of Gaza had not done anything wrong in their attempt to defend their territory.

He said, "Shame on Ghana's Leadership for supporting Israel."

During an occasion named: ' A dialogue with Julius Malema' held at the Physicians and Surgeons in Accra, he fervently expressed that, "Anybody who said individuals of Palestine should be killed is a foe of our own. Individuals of Palestine have not committed any transgression to anybody."

His remarks mirror a position against the brutality and clashes that have tormented the locale for quite a long time. In addition, Mr. Malema stated that the governing authority in Gaza, Hamas, has the right to demand that the Palestinian people reclaim their land and exercise self-determination.

He called for worldwide regard for the desires of the Palestinian public, stating that choices about their future ought not be forced remotely.

Besides, the EFF pioneer censured the possibility of outside substances, like the Unified Countries, directing terms for a two-state arrangement in Palestine. Malema contended that such choices ought to be made by the actual Palestinians, and no outer body.


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