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Sell National Cathedral site to complete abandoned hospital projects – IMANI Africa to Akufo-Addo

The president of the IMANI Centre for Policy and Education, Franklin Cudjoe, has encouraged President Akufo-Addo to strip the antagonistic National Cathedral site.

Mr Cudjoe has recommended that the returns from this deal, esteemed at roughly US$58 million, be assigned to finishing fundamental medical clinic projects the country over. Concerns about the sluggish pace of President Akufo-Addo's flagship program, Agenda 111, have grown recently, prompting his recommendation.

Cudjoe emphasizes the significance of putting the completion of crucial healthcare infrastructure projects ahead of other endeavors. He evaluates the public authority's methodology of spreading assets daintily across each of the 111 emergency clinics, comparing it to the incomplete Public Church building project. The commissioning should be performed by the Health Minister.

Nana ought to zero in on appropriately finishing 15 out of the 111 Locale emergency clinics before his residency closes. He needs $1.5 billion to finish 70 percent of Agenda 111. Petition God for him, as finding that cash in this close economy will be troublesome without a fortunate turn of events or a lottery win. “This is why whatever he currently possesses ought to be applied to properly complete 15 to 20 of these hospitals, as opposed to spreading it thinly across all 111 and leaving them to resemble the ungodly and unsightly Cathedral site.

Likewise, could he at any point permit salespeople to sell his man-made wonder, the Basilica site, to craftsmanship gatherers? We could obtain funding to assist in the completion of at least one district hospital. “P.S. My companion Kofi Tonto advises me that the Wellbeing Priest is an assigned candidate of the president, forthcoming endorsement by Parliament, so he can't commission the venture.

“Well, the designated nominee, don't you think, is still the CEO of the National Health Insurance Authority? In the event that not, then a delegate wellbeing priest ought to do the charging," he said in a Facebook post.


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