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Sefwi Akontombra youth seize about 4 tanks of diesel belonging to galamsey operators

Some furious young people of Sefwi Akontombra have purportedly blocked and held onto about four tanks of diesel being shipped to an illegal small-scale mining site in their community in a bid to bar galamsey.

This was located in a tweet shared by @eddie_wrt on April 6, 2024. A foundation voice revealing the episode in the video declared that the young took this action as a feature of endeavors to battle the danger of galamsey, for example, the obliteration of water bodies combined with its wellbeing related conditions.

Chants by ladies were "We need our water back"!, with some proposing that, the plug of the tanks be opened while they venture with the driver to report the case to case at the Esaanse police headquarters.

During an endeavor by the videographer to meet with the driver of the captured truck, he explained that they were not participated in unlawful mining (galamsey), yet were lumber project workers in transit to Esaanse.

Notwithstanding, an incensed occupant mediated and powerfully accompanied him away, educating him to report the occurrence to the police headquarters.


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