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SDA Church petitions for a change to December 7 polls due to Sabbath

The Seventh-day Adventist Church is presenting major areas of strength for a change to the December 7 decisions.

The congregation, in discrete petitions first to the Electoral Commission, says the election would need to be moved from the regular December 7 in light of the fact that the date falls on a Saturday, which will struggle with time of rest, a sacred day devoted to the love of God.

The congregation says the first or second Tuesday will be more advantageous to advance comprehensive majority rule government.

"Fully expecting changing the date for general decisions from December 7 to the first (1st) or second (2nd) Tuesday of November, the Authority of the Seventh-day Adventist Church met with the Electoral Commission (EC) on Wednesday, June 7.

"The Congregation proposed to the EC a change from the December 7 date to the first or second Tuesday of November in a general election' year."

In a restrictive meeting with JoyNews' Blessed Sogah, monitored by AG Media, Women's Ministry Director at the SDA Church Southern Ghana Association Gathering, Solace Asafo made a point that, it is the desire for the congregation that decisions on voting won't be held on any religious day in the country.

In the mean time, the congregation is making extra strides by sending one more request to the Principal legal officer and pushing for a correction of the established arrangements which limits the time of coordinating parliamentary and official election in Ghana.


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