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Scorching sun forces white man to go almost half-naked in the middle of the road

In the clamoring roads of Accra, a scene unfurled that left observers entertained and thoughtful in equivalent measure.

It was a burning hot day, the sort that makes even the most prepared local people start to perspire by simply venturing outside. Yet, for one clueless guest, the intensity ended up being a startling test.

As the taxi stopped in the midst of the late morning heat, a white courteous fellow rose up out of the vehicle, his face flushed with distress. His clothing presently gripped awkwardly to his body. In a snapshot of sheer franticness, the man pursued a striking choice.

Not too far off in that frame of mind of the clamoring road, he took off his shirt. It was a sight that drew inquisitive looks from bystanders.


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