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Resident charged with murder after human head found in refrigerator in New York City

A man from New York City has been blamed for homicide after a human head and body parts were tracked down in a fridge in a Brooklyn loft.

Nicolas McGee, who is 45 years of age, got captured on Thursday. He is likewise accused of burglary, concealing a dead body, and screwing with proof, as indicated by the city police. The collection of Kawsheen Gelzer, who was 40 years of age, was found in January. McGee was living in a condo with Heather Stines, matured 45.

Police said Stines was captured for concealing a dead body. Police said they went to the condo to keep an eye on somebody's wellbeing. They found many dark sacks with body parts inside the refrigerator and cooler. Clinical inspectors had the option to sort out who Gelzer was by seeing his fingerprints, as indicated by a criminal grievance.

The police didn't give more data about the case on Friday. They didn't say how or when Gelzer was killed. McGee should go to court on Friday. The case was not in the court's web-based records, and the lead prosecutor's office said they didn't have data about the legal advisor addressing him.

The Related Press messaged to Stines' lawyer on Friday requesting a remark.


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