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Report officials who pressure you - GIS tells public

The Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) has approached the general population to report any occurrences of its officials extorting cash from them at immigration Inland Designated spots.

This source of inspiration follows reports of certain officials positioned at these designated spots supposedly coercing cash from individuals from people in general, especially at the Northern outskirts of the country.

In an explanation, the GIS communicated worry about these claims and encouraged people who get bullied by immigration Officials to observe the official's ID and the obligation post where the occurrence happened.

They are urged to report such occurrences to the closest immigration Office or the immigration Proficient Standards and Ethics Segment at the Provincial or Public Central command.

The GIS underlined that the Inland Designated spots act as a second layer of traveller profiling to upgrade public safety and forestall the passage of fanatic gatherings into the country.

These designated spots are viewed as a piece of the fringes and have explicit security conventions that explorers are supposed to follow.

The assertion likewise reminded Administrators in different districts and areas to guarantee that officials posted at these designated spots act expertly.

This action is pointed toward keeping up with the respectability of the Administration and guaranteeing the wellbeing and security of the voyaging public.


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