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Producing a film in Ghana is financially draining – Fella Makafui

Fella Makafui, an actress and producer, has brought attention to the financial difficulties that film production in Ghana faces.

During her advancement of the impending film 'Resonance', Makafui featured the requesting monetary scene of making films in the nation, refering to an absence of outside financing choices like ventures and credits. "Delivering a film in Ghana is very difficult in light of the fact that you basically need to pay for everything."

She further unveiled that all costs, from gear to project and group compensations, catering, and ensembles, were altogether self-financed, commenting, "Delivering a film in Ghana is a piece troublesome on the grounds that you in a real sense need to pay for everything," Makafui expressed in a meeting with TV3 on May 1, 2024. She went on to say that "everything is from my pocket" and that she was solely responsible for covering all costs, such as costumes, food, equipment, and salaries for cast and crew.

Makafui's remarks come during a period of developing calls for more organized monetary help for human expression, meaning to cultivate and lift neighborhood gifts and creations. Fella Makafui emphasized the significance of engaging with fans and investors to support filmmakers' endeavors during an earlier discussion on Hitz FM, noting that public support could facilitate additional productions and generate additional revenue.

The entertainer is presently advancing her most recent film, 'Resonance', booked for a debut at Silverbird Films in Accra on Saturday, May 11.


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