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Prison officer dies during rehearsal for 6th March parade

Lance Corporal Paul Badu, a 40-year-old jail official, as per reports, has died in the wake of becoming sick during the 6th March practice march in Koforidua.

He looked for authorization on February 8, 2024, to look for clinical consideration at the Jail Center and was subsequently alluded to the Koforidua Central Hospital for emergency care. Tragically, he died on February 10. DSP Ezekiel Korletey, the Advertising Official (Genius) of the Koforidua Penitentiaries, is said to have affirmed the miserable insight about Spear Corporal Badu's passing. “On Thursday, during the rehearsals, he left the line.

He was inspected at the jail center, and they immediately surged him to the Koforidua Focal Clinic when they understood his circumstance wasn't steady," the Expert described, as per a report by Adom Onlince refering to Accra-based TV3. DSP Ezekiel Korletey referenced that they are yet to get an examination report however suspect that Spear Corporal Paul Badu passed on because of hypertension. Spear Corporal Badu is made due by his significant other and two kids.


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