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Prioritize regular health check-ups, exercise to avert unforeseen health crises – Lil Win to creatives

Renowned Ghanaian comedian and performer Kwadwo Nkansah, known as Lil Win, is supporting a call for expanded wellbeing cognizance inside the general population, especially among individual performers.

He focused on the need of customary wellbeing check-ups and actual work to forestall unexpected wellbeing crises. Lil Win spoke at the COA health walk in Cape Coast that was organized by COA Mixture. He talked about how important it is to be aware of your health and recommended going to the doctor on a regular basis for wellness checks. "Predictable activity and wellbeing screenings can reveal stowed away clinical issues," Lil Win exhorted, underlining the significance of proactive wellbeing measures.

COA Mixture offered free health screenings at the event, prompting Lil Win to encourage people to take advantage of these opportunities to keep track of their health. He emphasized, "Whether in the spotlight or not, staying informed about your health is critical, and everyone, regardless of financial circumstances, should embrace free medical screenings."

Dr. James Prah, the Clinical Chief at the College of Cape Coast Emergency clinic, led screenings for different ailments like HIV, typhoid, diabetes, and hypertension. He focused on the meaning of early location in forestalling entanglements, featuring the fundamental job of preventive medical services through customary checking.


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