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“Practically, marriage is not beneficial to men” – Kojo Yankson

Renowned news anchor Kojo Yankson has entered the fight of conversations encompassing the subject of married life.

In a strong explanation, Yankson tested the broadly held conviction that marriage basically helps men. As per Yankson, the monetary benefits of marriage for men are questioning, best case scenario. He contended that from a down to earth viewpoint, it's challenging to measure how marriage essentially helps men contrasted with the advantages it offers ladies.

"In the event that I am being pragmatic and I'm evaluating things in view of a basic money saving advantage cases, it is difficult to perceive how marriage helps a man particularly in the event that you are contrasting it with how its advantages a lady," Kojo Yankson expressed. Yankson proceeded to scrutinize the one of a kind honors or benefits that wedded men appreciate over their single partners.

He tested his crowd, inquiring, "What are the things a wedded man can do or have that a solitary man can't? Name only one, and I'll yield my point."

His remarks have ignited a discussion about customary perspectives on marriage and its apparent advantages for men, featuring the developing talk on connections and orientation jobs in current culture.


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