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Police officer allegedly chops off girl’s ear to force out a confession

A video flowing via web-based entertainment has lighted public shock as a young woman charges unfortunate behavior by a cop during a visit to her boyfriend, who is at present confronting allegations of perpetrating a crime.

The episode became known when the anonymous young woman shared her nerve racking experience on Wrongdoing Check Ghana's foundation, specifying the stunning situation that unfolded during her visit to the police headquarters. As per her record, she went to see her sweetheart, who was being scrutinized for a wrongdoing, looking for consolation and data about the continuous case.

In the video, the young woman guarantees that Cop Lenient Suputuor exposed her to a repulsive demonstration trying to compel her to uncover data connected with her sweetheart's case. The woman revealed that she was exposed to torment and had her ear cut off simultaneously. "I went to visit my sweetheart in jail where this youthful cop tormented me to drive out an admission from me prompting him removing my ear, he goes by Lenient Suputuor," the woman expressed.

Crime Check Ghana, a stage committed to uncovering crimes and advancing equity, shared the video alongside the young woman's record. The association is requiring an intensive examination concerning the matter and encouraging specialists to make a proper move against any wrongdoing. The video has since circulated around the web on different virtual entertainment stages, drawing inescapable judgment from general society.

Netizens are communicating their shock and worry over the supposed activities of Official Suputuor, calling for responsibility and equity. Nearby specialists have not yet remarked on the claims, but rather pressure is mounting for a quick and straightforward examination concerning the lead of Official Lenient Suputuor.

The occurrence has reignited conversations about the requirement for responsibility inside policing and the significance of safeguarding residents' freedoms, in any event, during criminal examinations.

As the story keeps on unfurling, many are anticipating official proclamations and updates from both the police division and significant specialists engaged with the investigation.


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