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Police arrest 25-year-old KNUST student after fatal multiple stabbing of 22-year-old lady

A 25-year-old alumni from KNUST, distinguished as Patrick Adu Gyamfi, has been apprehended for the homicide of a 22-year- woman who was visiting for the Christmas occasions at his companion's mom's home in Kumasi on Tuesday, December 26, 2023.

During Patrick's third year at KNUST, he confronted monetary troubles that nearly prompted his dropout. Depending on selling telephones having a place with vendors he worked with, Patrick's circumstance became desperate.

Luckily, a dear companion, with whom he shared a well established relationship since middle school, cautioned his mom about Patrick's situation. Understanding their set of experiences, the companion's mom mediated by settling his obligations, giving convenience and backing and paying his expenses.

Patrick kept on dwelling with the family, finishing his college degree, the Public Help, and protecting a task with the assistance of the lady. In any case, their relationship took a dull turn on December 26, 2023, when the lady got back and found Patrick with Akua Afriyie, a 22-year-old guest who had shown up for the Christmas occasions.

The lady, amazed by their new colleague, stood up to them and found Patrick had wounded Akua on various occasions. In spite of her endeavors to mediate, Akua capitulated to her wounds. Patrick ran away from the area yet was at last captured two days after the fact in Obuasi.

In addition, the suspect's high school friend, Emmanuel Kwame Seyram, was taken into custody on suspicion of harboring a murderer.


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