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Pastor gave his wife abortion medicine through malt, which almost ended her life

Joel Amofa and Mary Kononadu, a couple, have drawn attention from the public as a result of their perplexing conjugal issues.

In the video, Mary Konadu, the woman in question, focused on the violent nature of her marriage with Pastor Joel Amofa, communicating doubt at finding his deceitful twofold character.

Mary Konadu made the following disclosure: "I chanced upon a document belonging to him (Pastor Joel), only to discover that the original age he used to seek for my marriage, which was 33, is not so he’s just 29-years-old."

Enumerating the highs and lows of their wedded life, Mary uncovered that her husband, after learning of her pregnancy, would not assume liability and, surprisingly, turned to extraordinary measures to end the unborn kid.

Mary made the revelation that Pastor Joel Amofa went so far as to inject an abortion pill into a malt beverage in an effort to cause a miscarriage.

“I felt something in my stomach after I drank Malt, and I realized I was feeling uneasy. I went to the hospital for a checkup, but I was found to be poisoned, and I lost my child as a result.”

When reached by telephone, the pastor neither denied nor questioned the claims, affirming his contribution in the endeavor to end the pregnancy.

The stunning disclosures have lighted a firestorm of discussion via social media, with many censuring the pastor’s activities and scrutinizing the fittingness of such way of behaving from a religious leader.

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