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Passenger walks on wing after opening jet door in Mexico

In Mexico, a man was arrested for entering a plane through the emergency door and onto the wing.

When the plane headed for Guatemala City got stuck on the runway for a long time without air conditioning or water for the passengers, the man did something.

The air terminal in Mexico said that the traveler inflicted damage, yet they were given to the police.

Others on the plane composed a proclamation together, saying they generally upheld the man.

The occasion happened last Thursday, at around 11:30 - around three hours after the Aeromexico flight should leave Mexico City.

According to a report, there was a maintenance issue that caused the delay.

It stated that they were forced to change planes due to a sudden decision made by a passenger without consulting others.

It isn't known whether the man is still in prison or what violations he may be blamed for.

The incident was viewed in a different light by irate passengers.

"Every one individuals on the plane from Mexico City to Guatemala, flight AM 0672, say that the individual who opened the crisis window did it to protect everybody. They had everybody's assistance in light of the fact that the plane was deferred and needed more air, which was risky for the travelers' wellbeing," a note from different travelers says.

"They composed that he saved our lives and marked their names prior to posting it via online entertainment. "


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