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Parliament approves a 3 to 5-year jail term for LGBTQ members and sponsors

Parliament has endorsed new regulation laying out stricter punishments for those found as effectively advancing, supporting, or sponsoring LGBTQ+ exercises in Ghana.

The base custodial sentence has been set at three years, with a limit of five years for such people. In addition, anyone who is found directly involved in these activities faces a minimum sentence of six months, which can be increased to three years.

During parliamentary conversations on the amendment of the bill pointed toward maintaining Ghanaian family values and human sexual privileges, Member of Parliament for Ningo Prampram, Sam Nartey George, explained the thinking behind the execution of these reformatory measures.

He stressed that public concern fundamentally rotates around the backing and advancement of LGBTQ+ exercises as opposed to people's confidential lead.

Mr. George went on to provide additional details about the structure of the punishment, stating that those who were directly involved in these activities would face penalties ranging from six months to three years in prison.

"However, the penalty increases to a minimum of three years and a maximum of five years for those actively promoting, sponsoring, or supporting such agendas," the sentence reads.


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