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Okada rider nearly attacked by mob for knocking to death dog at Nungua

After accidentally striking and killing a White man's dog at Nungua Coco Beach on Sunday morning (February 11, 2024), an Okada rider narrowly escaped a mob attack.

The occurrence unfurled collectively of motorcyclists assembled at the ocean side, a standard practice for exhibiting their riding skills. Amidst their exercises, one rider, going at fast, crashed into one of three dogs present, bringing about the animal’s quick death.

Regardless of the weightiness of the circumstance, the rider figured out how to sidestep the displeasure of the observers who had congregated, guessing on the potential repercussions had the casualty been an ocean side participant all things considered.

As indicated by reports from EIB Organization Writer, Murtala Inusah, who was available at the scene, officials from the Nungua Region Base camp showed up to research the occurrence and recover the motorbike after the canine's proprietor recorded a report.

Witnesses noticed a lady, going with the troubled proprietor of the departed canine, crying tears wildly as she grieved the deficiency of the pet. The dog's owner eventually removed the body from the scene to be buried.


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