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No law in Ghana prevents the showing of foreign contents during prime time- Legal practitioner

Private legal practitioner Serwaah Sarfo Mensah has challenged statements made by entertainer and radio presenter Mickey Osei Berkoe, who claimed that airing foreign movies during prime time is a criminal act.

Osei Berkoe, talking on Showbiz A-Z with Kwame Dadzie, called for legitimate activity against media houses showing telenovelas during early evening, refering to monetary misfortunes to the state. He contended that regulations ought to be sanctioned to resolve this issue. "I see Telenovelas gushed at ideal time as criminal and that, media houses ought to be arraigned for making monetary misfortune the state.

It is one of the arrangements so policymakers ought to lay out these regulations", Mickey Osei Berkoe said on Satisfaction FM. Accordingly, Legal counselor Serwaah Sarfo Mensah couldn't help contradicting Osei Berkoe's position, underlining that there is no particular regulation managing the telecom of worldwide substance on Ghanaian TV.

During a meeting on Dawn Hitz with Andy Dosty, she explained, "It isn't criminal. No regulation directs or administers the appearance of worldwide substance on our televisions in Ghana." "It isn't criminal. No regulation manages or administers the appearance of worldwide substance on our televisions in Ghana. Additionally, for each wrongdoing, there ought to be an offense to it.

No offense has been committed by the media or the Channel by showing worldwide substance during early evening. "Offenses ought to either emphatically affect a person. Indeed, even with that, not everything that influence individuals adversely become an offense", Legal counselor Serwaah Sarfo Mensah expressed.

Mensah further expounded on the positive effect of unfamiliar substance, refering to individual encounters where such shows supported her legitimate vocation. She additionally featured the advantages of social trade and financial open doors that emerge from broadcasting unfamiliar projects. "We here and there need to learn; I like to find out about different societies, I know my way of life yet I continue to get familiar with without fail.

I additionally love to find out about different societies as well. For instance, around quite a while back, I had a case in court, I watched one of these telenovelas which aided impact my case. "It assisted me concerning the procedures and plans with that case." She closed by asking Ghanaians to embrace the variety and positive impact of global substance, accentuating the significance of rivalry, showcasing, and schooling in the media scene.

"Assuming that I go to Mexico at the present time, I will not experience difficulty fitting in on the grounds that, by watching these telenovelas, I end up find out about them. It isn't just about telenovelas however Nigerians also, we get familiar with their way of life and relate well with them. "It doesn't cause monetary misfortune since it rather carries pay to the state.

When telenovelas are being broadcasted, individuals use it as a way to publicize and this creates pay to the media houses and the country in general", she expressed.

She counseled Ghanaians to embrace the positive impact this unfamiliar substance brings to them in all circles. "We 'Ghanaians' are dynamic. We don't just live here without anyone else.

We do with our global family. For rivalry, advertising, and instruction, we 'media houses' don't need to just adhere to our Ghanaian substance to engage our watchers. That's what mine is, we shouldn't restrict or limit ourselves to simply our own."


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