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NDC suspends Northern Regional Vice Chairman on assault of Treasurer

Following discussions in Accra between national and regional executives, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) suspended its Northern Regional Vice-Chairman.

Alhaji Gbewaa is accounted for to have gone after Hajia Shamima Yakubu at the party's territorial secretariat after conflicts over party funds got warmed throughout the end of the week.

Talking on Delight FM's Noontime News, Agent General Secretary, Mustapha Gbande made sense of the fact that the official "has been suspended for a very long time."

"Pending investigations and all other processes that will enable the party to properly look into the issues for a final redress," states Mr. Gbande.

The quarrel saw the Northern Territorial Financial officer support wounds to her face.

The pressures arrived at an edge of boiling over during a vital partner meeting last end of the week.

After that, Gbewaa was taken into custody and given bail.

Nonetheless, his allies, rankled by the turn of events, secured the provincial party office yesterday in fight.

NDC chiefs in dire endeavors to patch inner divisions gathered a gathering in Accra to consider with regards to this issue bringing about the suspension.


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