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National Security Ministry initiates programme to fix dangerous potholes on Spintex Road

The problem of dangerous potholes on particular sections of the Spintex Road in Accra is being actively addressed by the Human Security Department of the Ministry of National Security.

As a vital thoroughfare, this road connects various Accra neighborhoods to various locations. However, commuters and authorities alike are concerned about its deteriorating condition.

A comprehensive rehabilitation project has been initiated by the Human Security Department of the National Security Ministry in response to numerous complaints and a significant rise in the number of accidents brought on by the road's poor condition.

Not only do we want to fix the potholes that are already there, but we also want to make important infrastructure improvements to make the road safer and easier for everyone who drives on it.

As part of a concerted effort by the Human Security Department to prioritize the public's well-being and safety, rehabilitation work began on January 25.

The department's commitment to expediting the process and minimizing disruptions for commuters and residents is demonstrated by the project's expected completion in ten working days.

This initiative is an important part of the department's overall strategy because it focuses on improving essential infrastructure for everyday life in order to address fundamental community needs and concerns.

The Public safety group attested that this proactive methodology points not exclusively to ease quick difficulties looked by drivers yet in addition to add to the general improvement of transportation framework, upgrading the personal satisfaction for occupants and suburbanites the same.

They underlined that the recovery of the Spintex Street would successfully "resolve the street challenges looked by drivers who utilize the stretch."

“Our Human Security Department, which is part of the Ministry of National Security, is in charge of all facets of human security, including meeting human needs and making sure that all citizens have equal opportunities. This is also a part of our new plan to make sure that the Ministry of National Security is focused on meeting the needs of people.


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