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Naana Jane is an asset that must be protected – Abu Kansangbata

Abu Kansangbata, a Former Deputy Upper West Regional Minister, has praised Prof. Naana Jane Opoku-Agyemang, the NDC's vice-presidential candidate, as having impeccable character.

During the official introduction ceremony, he praised her performance, describing her as a valuable asset for the party in the upcoming general elections in 2024. In a Facebook post, Abu Kansangbata commended Prof Naana Jane's successful correspondence on contemporary issues, featuring her characteristics of modesty, trustworthiness, genuineness, and maternal disposition.

"Recently, my manager captured the consideration of watchers and audience members. The presentation was effective and relevant to current issues. A few words can describe her composure and demeanor: humble, sincere, sincere, and motherly. She be blessed. "For my purposes, she hold key to help JDM victor in 2024 surveys: unsullied in character. Competent beyond comparison.

She is a resource that should be secured… the fight has now begun, from surveying stations, wards, and consistency and local leaders, to impart the great report from JDM office," he composed. He communicated trust in her capacity to help John Dramani Mahama (JDM) to triumph in the 2024 surveys, underscoring her immaculate person and unparalleled skill. Offering thanks to the NDC authority for giving a favorable climate to Prof Naana Jane's prosperity, he said thanks to JDM for his confidence in her.

Abu Kansangbata also praised the former president and flagbearer for his leadership and thanked the members of the party for making the right decision. He continued, "Thanks to the rank and file of the party, especially the former president and flagbearer of our great party, for making that brilliant choice."

At a well-attended event in Accra, the NDC officially introduced Prof. Naana Jane, affirming her commitment to the party's victory and leaving a lasting legacy for the Ghanaian people.


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