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My next show would be held at the London 02 Arena – Medikal

Ghanaian rapper Medikal is outfitting to have his next UK exhibition at the famous O2 Arena following the mind-boggling reaction from fans at his new Indigo O2 show on May 3, 2024.

The elegant occasion, including exhibitions by famous artists like Shatta Wale, Sarkodie, Bisa Kdei, Malcolm Nuna, and Jay Bhad, was a reverberating achievement. During an appearance on United Showbiz, Medikal thought about the unforeseen flood in participation at the show and framed plans for future shows.

Medikal acknowledged the need for a larger venue to accommodate his ever-increasing fan base, expressing surprise at the venue's capacity of 2,700. "The manner in which we put resources into the occasion and created consideration towards it, it was just correct that individuals come in their numbers. "Yet, I've taken in my example that next time I do a show in the UK, I will select a greater setting since I didn't expect the enormous group that came.

There were individuals stuck outside in light of the fact that within was at that point topped off," he said. Medikal likewise tended to the deferred light and quick fire exhibitions at the show, ascribing the timing issues to fans showing up later than expected. When tested about the following conceivable scene for a future UK show, Medikal indicated the chance of booking the 20,000-limit O2 Field to guarantee more than adequate space for fans.

"The O2 Field, since we need an exceptionally huge space so a many individuals can join in and see the exhibitions," he uncovered.

He uncovered that the occasion needed to stick stringently to plan because of authoritative concurrences with the setting the executives, keeping away from weighty punishments for surpassing the settled upon time limit. "They couldn't come on time, that was the principal issue, and I don't fault them on the grounds that a considerable lot of them needed to go to work, and when they shut and prepared to get to the scene, it wasn't positive," he said.

According to the agreement I had with the facility managers, the show was supposed to end exactly at 11 p.m. Assuming it had gone beyond 11 pm, I would have needed to suffer over £300,000 in consequences, and I was unable to manage the cost of that," he made sense of.


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