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My marriage lasted 5 months; I’m not interested in getting married again – Hammer

Popular music maker Edward Nana Poku Osei, also known as Hammer, shared the untold story behind his brief marriage, revealing insight into the variables that prompted his separation many years ago.

Hammer unveiled that his marriage endured just five months, crediting the detachment to an absence of similarity among him and his ex. The maker made sense of that they chose to secure the bunch in the wake of inviting a youngster together before marriage, expecting to stay away from cultural analysis.

Regardless of not being profoundly enamored, Hammer accepted the association could work, choosing a customary and prudent wedding. Be that as it may, the couple before long understood their absence of love for one another, prompting a friendly consent to end the marriage from the get-go.

Hammer pondered the circumstance, declaring, "The match wasn't made in paradise, yet we were extraordinary companions, particularly in light of the fact that we brought up a youngster together."

A very long time after the separation, he stressed that his emphasis has been on focusing on his kids, communicating lack of engagement in remarriage. By and by, Hammer stays open to the chance of securing the bunch once more, uncovering, "I'm at present with an exceptionally extraordinary lady, and with time and God, you know, it will work out, however I'm not in a rush."


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