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My beanie represents someone close to me; it’s special – Safo Newman

Emerging apparently all of a sudden, Safo Newman shook things up in the music scene with his hit single "Akokoa" before the end of last year, rapidly getting momentum via social media and piling up critical streams across different stages.

However, past his melodic ability, what's been getting the attention of fans and devotees the same is his predictable decision of headwear, the beanie.

In an exclusive interview with Graphic Showbiz, Safo Newman uncovered the nostalgic story behind his particular style. As opposed to simple design, every beanie he wears is an image of appreciation to a baffling promoter who assumed a vital part in his melodic excursion.

Depicting this tutor figure as similar to a dad, Safo Newman communicated significant appreciation for the steady help and direction he got, both monetarily and inwardly, starting from the beginning of his profession in 2019. "The beanie is something other than an embellishment for me," he made sense of. "A recognition for somebody had confidence in me when barely any others did, somebody who upheld me benevolently notwithstanding our absence of blood connection.

Wearing it is my approach to respecting his liberality and keeping his soul close." As Safo Newman keeps on causing disturbances in the music business, his beanie has become in excess of a design proclamation, it's a contacting sign of the significant effect of mentorship and backing on one's excursion to progress.


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