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Missing manhood saga a cover for criminal activities – Man shares harrowing ordeal

An evangelist, Timothy Tsikata, has shared a nerve racking story of barely getting away from a lynching in the wake of being erroneously blamed for robbery in Ashaiman.

Specifying the occurrence that unfurled on Monday, April 1, 2024, around 1:30 PM, Mr Tsikata related how he was at a bus stop, getting ready to make a trip from Ashiaman to Teshie for his ecclesiastical commitments.

Be that as it may, a routine stop to consider buying some jeans turned into a nightmare when the seller out of nowhere blamed him for taking his masculinity, provoking a quick interest for its return.

Bewildered and eagerly denying the ludicrous claim, Tsikata wound up enduring an onslaught as the seller's allegations prompted a close by group to participate in the attack.

In the midst of the tumult, Tsikata got through a ruthless beating, with the horde holding onto his possessions, including his iPhone and tablet.

The circumstance heightened perilously as the aggressors endeavored to incur further damage, using blocks to go after him. In a stroke of fortune, two gallant spectators mediated, forestalling a possibly deadly result, and accompanied Tsikata to somewhere safe and secure at the Ashiaman Police headquarters.

With the brief help of the police, Tsikata's taken belongings were recuperated, and he got fundamental clinical treatment.

Notwithstanding, during the following examination, it became clear that the informer's case of a missing masculinity was ridiculous, as it was viewed as flawless.

He wrote in parts;

"I was kept behind the counter for about an hour when the two of us were called by the police leader for examination. Police proclamations were taken from the two of us and during the course of the examination the person was approached to eliminate his jeans for them to check assuming that to be sure the masculinity has vanished.

At the point when they checked, shockingly, the masculinity was there in the middle of between his two legs. The police officer asked him, are you not the person who said your masculinity is missing, so why it's actually balancing there after we really look at it? He answered, it was at first lengthy yet presently saying that it is short.

The police leader was exceptionally irate and incensed and requested that, the person be captured and accused of attack and for likewise raising a deception". Ensuing disclosures uncovered the plan as a burglary ploy, with the deceitful complaint filling in as a distraction for criminal goal. Pondering the horrendous experience, Tsikata accentuated the significance of watchfulness and advised against succumbing to such tricks.

He highlighted the requirement for public mindfulness and asked people to stay careful about dishonest incriminations and fake plans. Tsikata's versatility and the mediation of Good Samaritans filled in as a demonstration of the force of local area fortitude and carefulness notwithstanding misfortune.


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