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Minority Leader warns EC against altering election date and decision to revoke indelible ink use

Minority Leader in Parliament, Dr. Cassiel Ato Forson, has proclaimed that his caucus won't support any proposition to change the scheduled date for the 2024 elections.

Dr Ato Forson stressed that there are more pressing issues requiring the EC's quick consideration and encouraged the commission to focus on fundamental matters over what he considered as "pointless issues."

Talking in Parliament, Dr Ato Forson highlighted the Minority's firm position against any endeavor to change the political race date, affirming that the emphasis ought to be on setting up the political decision schedule and addressing squeezing concerns as opposed to redirecting thoughtfulness regarding superfluous issues.

Additionally, Dr. Ato Forson passed the Minority's dissatisfaction with regards to the EC's choice on to leave the utilization of permanent ink in the impending races, refering to huge dangers for the respectability of the appointive cycle. He warned of potential chaos at polling places all over the country and expressed serious concerns about the possible outcomes of this decision.

"The utilization of permanent ink in our constituent cycle adds one more layer to the trustworthiness of decisions by guaranteeing that electors are apparently, straightforwardly, and genuinely confirmed notwithstanding biometric check," Dr. Ato Forson underscored.

The Minority Chief encouraged the EC to rethink its choice and focus on measures that upgrade the validity and straightforwardness of the electing system. He reaffirmed that the NDC Minority Caucus in Parliament is steadfast in its commitment to preserving Ghana's electoral system's integrity.

Stakeholders continue to be vigilant in advocating for measures that uphold the principles of democracy and guarantee the integrity of the electoral process as discussions about the upcoming elections continue.


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