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In an age where everyone attends events with smartphones in hand, it takes an expert photographer to truly make an event stand out and that is what Prince Derrick Xcel of Xcel Studio has been known for over the years.

Prince Derrick Xcel, the CEO of XCEL STUDIO inside Awoshie in Accra has validated the assertion "It's easy to tell when it's a good event: It's all in the pictures" with his amazing event portfolio he has built for himself.

He has a reputable brand for his photography firm which has actually made him one of the top-notch photographers Ghana can boast of.

XCEL STUDIO was recently announced the official photographer for the ONLINE RADIO AND TELEVISION PERSONALITY AWARDS(ORTP AWARDS).

He has been the lead photographer for ORTP AWARDS since the maiden edition and has been crowned the official photographer for the event.

He enrolled at a very renowned Professional Training Institute in Accra – Ghana, where he studied cinematography full time with a high degree of concentration and determination and that is how he fell in love with photography. Since acquiring the fundamentals of photography education, he graduated to become the renowned talented photographer he is today.

He later founded XCEL STUDIO which is now located at Awoshie in Accra to provide professional photography services for events, celebrations, weddings, blogging, printing companies, tourism, and journalism.

Contact XCEL STUDIO on +233 24 522 8031 for all events and you will love the pictures he will produce for you.


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