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Meet Miranda,"THE KING IS COMING" Hitmaker

Miranda C. I. Archbold, professionally known in the music industry as MIRANDA, was born in the United States Of America, Miami, Florida and currently based in the United Kingdom, London. Her parents actually hail from the Turks And Caicos Islands.

At a very young age, she used to sit by her father`s radio just to listen to Owl City, playing great tunes from John Legend`s CD and enjoying TobyMac`s hit "GONE". She spent time sitting behind her father`s computer playing games whiles she had headphones on, listening to great hits from the likes of Brandon Heath, Michael Jackson, Steve Wonder, John Mayer, amongst others and that actually inspired her to write her first ever song at age 8, even though she wasn`t singing at that time.

Miranda had a very deep voice as a little girl which got everyone making comments about all the time. Because of that, she often kept quiet, especially in public. She never dared to speak in public, let alone singing in public.

She then developed a habit of singing to herself in the shower, during chores and when doing homework.

Even though she is a Pastor`s daughter, she had a heavy love for secular music. She knew about gospel music but developed a strong affection for great hits from the likes of Trey Songz, Ne Yo, Bruno Mars, etc.

Growing up, she got more into soulful, electric and acoustic kind of music and that made her realise that is where she fits into.

Her style of music actually has life, tells a story and inspires people to teach truth and love well. She met her producer, Jo Oware at Trinity Baptist Church, Oasis House in Croydon where she was their alto saxophonist and he was their lead guitarist.

Miranda released her first ever single in the year 2021, titled, "I NEED YOU" which was written during the lockdown when she realised how dependent she was on God`s direction, grace and strength.

Other songs released that same year are, "ALL I WANT" and "BROKEN PEOPLE"

In the year 2022, she released a SUMMER EP which she named, "MODERN BELIEVER", which had four other songs: "SIGHT". "EXPECTATIONS", "RIGHT HERE" and "HE KNOWS" which featured co-writer and artist, Teni Talks.

According tom Miranda, this project centred on reconciling the hearts of men back to God via honesty, vulnerability, relatability and the genuine love of the father.

She recently returned with a worship anthem titled, "THE KING IS COMING" which paints a picture about the awe and wonder of a good God whose kingdom is being established on earth, right up until he comes back.

This track features the amazing producer, singer and song writer Papa Owura, who happens to be the brother of Jo Owura, her producer.

Her latest release was in September this year and it is called "DEAR DEPRESSION". When she was asked about what inspired such a song, she narrated that, she has had a long walk out with depression and other mental health issues from a very young age. She has now found purpose and so what ever she went through and all that she learnt during that period is what she put together into a song.

She hinted on her upcoming EP which will be called "DIARIES OF AN INJURED CHRISTIAN" and finally stated that she would love to collaborate with Mali Music, Lecrae or Cory Asbury one day.

Get all her songs via the link below:


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