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Medikal calls out leader of ‘AMG business’ Criss Waddle for disrespect

Samuel Adu Frimpong, a rapper from Ghana who goes by the stage name Medikal, has taken a bold stand against Criss Waddle, claiming that Waddle has disrespected the AMG brand.

The discussion originates from Waddle's relationship with ex-convict Showboy, which Medikal sees as negative to AMG's positive picture. Medikal took to Twitter to vent his frustration and slammed Showboy's public disrespect, particularly for himself, as unacceptable.

He emphasized that Criss Waddle ought to make preserving the brand's reputation and customer loyalty a top priority. Medikal made the decisive announcement that he would be leaving AMG Business until Waddle addressed the issue.

He expressed, "I can't sit by while Showboy disregards me, particularly you Criss Waddle. We have put a lot of effort into this brand, and it is wrong to let anyone harm it.

I no longer participate in AMG Business.

Social media has been rocked by the repercussions, and as the dispute continues, there are a lot of rumors about what might come out.


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