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Man curses NDC, NPP members who plot evil against him

A Ghanaian man took to a waterway to revile the two significant ideological groups in Ghana, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the National Democratic Congress (NDC), as well as a portion of their allies who had been holding onto negative considerations about him.

In a video that has since circulated around the web, the man, distinguished as Alex, cannot be seen yet is somewhat heard tending to the stream in a traditional ritual. He called upon the water, which he alludes to as "Kyiglimi," and pronounced his accommodation to its power. Alex then went on to articulate condemnations on anybody who harbors hostility towards him, no matter what their political connection.

He explicitly referenced the NPP and NDC, expressing that he passes on those people to confront disaster, including street mishaps, and wants for the breakdown of their gatherings and the dying of their relatives. "Water, talk, you have power. Anybody in this world hydrates. Any individual who considers severely me, either NPP or NDC, I pass on the person to a street mishap. Let their offspring die. He said, "Let the party collapse."

Watch the video below:


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