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Kwame Despite snubs MC who asked him for a dollar note at a wedding ceremony

Yet again dr. Osei Kwame Despite of, President of Despite Media Group, made a lavish entry at a wedding, showing his riches.

As the groomsmen arranged, the MC required those with dollars and pounds to step forward. Kwame Despite stood up and appropriated dollar notes to the groomsmen prior to getting back to his seat. Afterward, the MC, a lady, mentioned one of the dollar notes from him, yet he overlooked her and kept the leftover cash.

Despite was joined by his dear companion, Dr. Ofori Sarpong, and other remarkable figures, all wearing all-white Kaftan clothing, to respect the event. The video, which surfaced on the web, has started conversation, with some adulating Notwithstanding for his liberality.

Nonetheless, the personality of the wedding couple stays hazy.


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