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Kasoa residents speak out against false criminal attribution

A group recognizing itself as Concerned Residents of Kasoa has voiced its disappointment with the propensity to credit crimes and wrongdoings to their local area.

The concerned residents emphasized that Kasoa was unfairly linked to certain troubling crimes that occurred in communities nearby. Mr. Akwasi Addo, a convenor addressing the Concerned Occupants of Kasoa, communicated what this present circumstance adversely means for the region, restricting their possibilities for progress. He urged Ghanaians to avoid making such claims during an interview with Nyankonton Mu Nsem on Rainbow Radio 87.5FM.

Mr. Addo's remarks came in light of the shooting and ensuing demise of a fighter in the midst of a land question in Thousand years City, which some have mistakenly guaranteed falls inside Kasoa's locale. In any case, Mr. Addo explained that Thousand years City isn't arranged in Kasoa. "We are discontent with the appearing to be purposeful work to ascribe any bad behavior to Kasoa by the media and others," he said. "Kasoa has been referenced in distributions in regards to criminal and other awful happenings, in any event, when those cases didn't occur nearby.

We have become more frightened as the police, in an explanation gave on the shooting of military faculty, explicitly referenced the area as Kasoa, despite the fact that the episode happened right at the Region Police Order in Thousand years City, which completely falls under the Gomoa East Locale." "It should be noticed that Thousand years City, where the shooting occurred, is locally known as Gomoa Bantama and falls straightforwardly under Gomoa Fetteh in the Gomoa East Area of the Focal District, while Kasoa falls inside the Awutu Senya East Region."

"This is appalling, and the awful ID related with Kasoa is influencing our business potential," he added. He asked the media and the Ghanaian public to cease from consequently connecting all crimes happening in adjoining networks to Kasoa.

He underscored the significance of cautiousness when such episodes end up keeping their local area from being treacherously hauled into outlandish negative exposure and responses.


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