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Juju man storms Prophet Agyenim Boateng’s church to take back his charms

Some juju men have raged the congregation premises of one Prophet Agyenim Boateng to reclaim charms they purportedly gave him.

Per the portrayal, they claimed that the Godly man came to them to look for otherworldly assistance to get individuals into his congregation and furthermore perform marvels. One of them professed to have come to the Congregation premises around evening time to establish the appeal in their nursery along with the minister.

In a video accessible via virtual entertainment, one of the juju men holding a digging tool began to recover a piece of the congregation premises however the spouse of the Prophet emerged to address why they would dig on their territory with practically no endorsement. They answered by telling her they approved of her and rather it was her significant other they were searching for whom they asserted fled in the wake of seeing them enter the compound.

A couple of moments after that showdown, the one digging drew out an elastic professing to be the charms he had unearthed from the premises of the congregation. Things raised as the spouse of the prophet and the juju men began to rain affronts on one another.

The video someway and somehow proposes the men may be phony and simply attempting to discolor the standing of the evangelist.

Be that as it may, we can't confide in certain Godly men nowadays so you can be the adjudicator of this.


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