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John Kumah returned from Germany just to attend the 6th March parade – Lilian Kumah

The spouse of the late Deputy Finance Minister and MP for Ejisu, John Kumah, has uncovered that her significant other got back from Germany, where he was getting treatment for a terminal sickness, just to go to the sixth March parade in his electorate.

In a profound meeting with Asaase Radio, Mrs Lilian Kumah described how her better half disregarded her requests to rest, and on second thought decided to take part in the Independence Day festivity in Ejisu. "He got back from Germany on the Sunday. Monday, he went to work, areas of strength for exceptionally dynamic.

Tuesday, he went to parliament, yet Tuesday, he understood that he was not that strong, he returned as far as possible from Germany just to go to the 6th March so not entirely set in stone to be at Ejisu to be essential for the 6th March.

I had a go at all that to put him down, yet you know, when a trooper generally a fighter, frantically enamored with his nation and what he is doing so he left," she said. John Kumah's steadfast obligation to his nation was apparent in this motion. His significant other shared the difficult occasions paving the way to his appalling passing. She described heading to Kumasi on Wednesday, 6th March, 2024, just to track down him in basic condition on Thursday morning, as he was being raced to the medical clinic in an emergency vehicle.

"I think Wednesday, I called him, yet his voice didn't sound well on the telephone, so I advised him to attempt to arrive (Accra) so he could get back to Germany, however he was not on the side of that thought. Along these lines, I chose to head to Kumasi. I headed to Kumasi. Tragically, I showed up Thursday morning around 7:30 a.m.

My significant other couldn't move when I showed up. He was being placed in an emergency vehicle. So I left my vehicle with my siblings and got into the emergency vehicle," she noted.

In spite of an underlying positive motion from John, showing command over the circumstance, the excursion turned out to be progressively difficult. "He woke up and offered me a go-ahead. He ordinarily did that to tell me that he was in charge, so I shouldn't need to stress.

Right away, I felt assuage believing that he was OK. However, it got intense while we were out and about."

At around 11, indications of help transformed into a health related crisis. His better half, a minister, started intensely supplicating as clinical experts attempted to balance out him.

Mrs Kumah expressed, "So around 11, I understood that he gave an indication of help.

He could fly his clench hands up high alongside bliss all over. He had been perspiring before, yet he had quit perspiring. Yet, I have a little clinical foundation, so I took a gander at the screen of the machine associated with him and understood that things are dropping and they weren't empowering.

I was with his PCP and a few professionals in the emergency vehicle. They were all attempting to comport themselves, however as a minister, I was simply supplicating genuinely confiding in God to mediate." The emergency vehicle, critically redirected to the closest medical clinic in Suhum, for additional assistance as his condition declined.

Regardless of brief endeavors by clinical staff, the circumstance disintegrated. At 12:20 pm, the specialist conveyed the disastrous news to John's significant other, affirming their earnest attempts had not been sufficient. "Sadly, the specialist raised the caution at 11:45 a.m that, we track down a close by clinic so he could rest and be given a computer processor and steady oxygen supply for the interim prior to proceeding.

He needs to balance out him first. The closest clinic was Suhum, so we took the course to that medical clinic. At the point when we arrived, they didn't postpone by any means. They immediately brought the oxygen, specialists emerged. Not long later, the specialist assembled boldness and that's what let me know, they gave a valiant effort, however it escaped their hands," she related.

In her doubt, she demanded bringing him back, clutching trust for a wonderful recuperation. As the truth set in, she communicated a waiting expectation that the heartbreaking news may be a bad dream, frantically gripping to the chance of a supernatural occurrence.

"This was around 12:20. They affirmed this at around 12:20 pm. The motivation behind why I recall the time is on the grounds that I said ei JK, this evening, at this hour… you can't leave like that, yet tragically, I was trusting that they were off-base.

So I demanded that they bring him for I have confidence in God that life would get back to him body again.

As at now, I'm actually trusting that this is a bad dream, that I would be informed that this is a trick or there would be a wonder. I'm actually trusting," she added.


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