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Job seekers in Ghana are more than entrepreneurs – Basil Anthony

President of Present day Floors Ghana, Basil David Anthony, has voiced fear with respect to the country's school system, contending that it's producing a greater number of people looking for occupations than those making them.

In an elite meeting on the Blissful Morning Show with Sefah Danquah, Mr Anthony focused on the basic of cultivating a shift towards enabling individuals to become makers of chances as opposed to simple searchers. "One fundamental problem that we face as a nation right now is that we are creating an excessive number of job seekers." We really want more work makers, and we want to engage individuals to respond to that call," Anthony stated.

"Everything unquestionably revolves around your fantasy and concentration. Not every person can emerge from school and focus on the typical 9-5. He added, "Some of us need to create jobs." He emphasized the drawbacks of the traditional 9-to-5 workday and the importance of instilling entrepreneurial mindsets early. Anthony's remarks are made in light of Ghana's rising unemployment rate, especially among the country's youth.

With a populace surpassing 30 million, he scrutinized the limit of both the public authority and confidential areas to ingest the yearly inundation of occupation searchers into the market. "Tutoring and everything is great, yet after where is the ongoing business and joblessness rate at? Since there are just two areas who can utilize you, which is the public authority or public and the private.

In a nation with more than 30 million people, how many employees can the government afford to hire? he placed. The Chief's support for a change towards business venture and occupation creation reverberates with government drives pointed toward cultivating independent work and private company development to handle the joblessness emergency.

Experts have argued for years that Ghana's educational curriculum should be reevaluated to include entrepreneurial mindsets and skills, giving students the tools they need to find and take advantage of business opportunities after graduation.


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