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Investigate Funny Face’s doctor – Socrate Safo urges Ghana Medical Association

Veteran movie maker and director Socrate Safo is encouraging the Ghana Medical Association (GMA) to investigate the doctor answerable for comedian Funny Face’s care during his battle with emotional wellness issues at the Psychiatric Hospital.

Safo declares that it is the obligation of the going to clinical expert to give suggestions subsequent to treating the comic's psychological wellness issues, including precautionary measures he ought to notice.

That's what he battles assuming the specialist failed to prompt against Funny Face driving, they ought to be considered answerable for any results, as it proposes the comic had not completely recuperated.

During a meeting with OK FM, which was checked by GhanaWeb, Safo accentuated that he doesn't ascribe Goofy Face's mishap to the comic himself, yet rather to the clinical experts engaged with his consideration. "I won't put the entire issue on Silly Face yet I will pin it on the framework.

Since whenever you are taken to the clinic and you have a confirmed specialist who treats and conclusions you, there are a few proposals he/she needs to make. "There are things that by regulation you need to do; one is, assuming that you are a driver, you shouldn't drive once more since it [mental issues] could come out of the blue and you have no control over it.

In the event that we don't have that report, then, at that point, the Ghana Medical Association (GMA) should question the doctor who handled him,” he said.


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