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Intercity bus bursts into flames on Accra-Kumasi Highway

A frightening occurrence happened on the Accra-Kumasi highway as an intercity transport unexpectedly ejected into flares, sending shockwaves through the travelers and bystanders as well.

The frightening ordeal unfurled when the transport experienced unexpected mechanical issues, igniting panic among those on board. Eyewitnesses described the heart-halting second when smoke started to surge from the vehicle, prompting the quick activities of the transport driver.

Perceiving the inevitable risk, the driver instantly stopped the transport at the side of the road, permitting all travelers to empty securely before the flares immersed the vehicle altogether.

In spite of the driver's fast reaction, the fire quickly heightened, gobbling up the whole transport inside merely minutes. Notwithstanding the mad endeavors of onlookers, little should be possible to contain the blast as it spread wildly.

Fortunately, in the midst of the disarray and obliteration, there were no revealed setbacks or wounds.

The occurrence fills in as a sobering sign of the flighty idea of crises out and about, featuring the significance of quick activity and readiness in such circumstances.


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