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If you’re not vigilant; you can be killed for free – Nana Yaa Brefo on KODA’s death

Nana Yaa Brefo, a prominent figure in the Ghanaian media, voiced his outrage at the troubling circumstances surrounding the late KODA's life and death.

The gospel performer's wellbeing decay, purportedly because of clinical misbehavior at a clinic in Takoradi, has started a rush of concern and analysis. Netizens now attribute KODA's sudden passing to his previous admission that he received incorrect medication from the hospital for eight months. Fault is to some extent aimed at the clinical mistakes he experienced during his treatment.

Nana Yaa Brefo complains about the shortcomings of Ghana's healthcare system, joining the chorus of disapproval. She criticizes the carelessness that resulted in his suffering and eventual loss as she considers the ordeal that KODA endured. "I risked on his Facebook live where he was talking about how some clinic gave him some unacceptable drug. They had to give him a medicine that was bad for his health because he had an underlying health condition.

They gave him medicines that had ingredients that weren't good for him. Evil doctors abound! Nana Yaa Brefo draws attention to reports of KODA's kidney complications and the desperate measures taken, such as bringing in Indian surgeons for surgery. In Ghana, anyone can kill you for free if you don't protect yourself and stay vigilant. He can kill you for free if you don't pray to God and keep an eye on the doctor who is treating you. He was reportedly having trouble with his kidneys, according to some reports.

They even brought in Indian surgeons to operate on him. She stated, "It's not easy; it's a sad story." She concludes with a touching comment stressing the importance of prayer and vigilance when navigating Ghana's healthcare system to prevent tragedies that could have been avoided.


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