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If pushed to the wall; I’ll choose politics over business – John Dumelo

Famous politician and entertainer John Dumelo accentuated his inclination for politics over business, featuring the potential for more extensive arriving at change in the political field.

That's what dumelo stated whenever confronted with a decision, he would pick politics because of its capacity to impact change across a more extensive range of society contrasted with business tries.

Making sense of his perspective, Dumelo noticed that as a lawmaker, he could establish strategies and drives that could emphatically influence countless individuals, particularly the young.

Interestingly, as a financial specialist, navigation is frequently bound to a particular gathering or target market, restricting the extent of impact.

Dumelo communicated hopefulness about the groundbreaking force of good strategies and drives in Ghana, accepting that through compelling administration, the country can make a superior future for its childhood and society at large.


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