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Idris Elba, BOG Governor, discuss support for creative arts industry

A high-profile designation of eight individuals, led by Hollywood entertainer Dr. Idris Elba and Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) CEO Denelle Dixon, as of late visited Dr. Ernest Addison, Governor of the Bank of Ghana.

The reason for the graciousness call was to start conversations on a cooperative exertion pointed toward supporting the creative arts industry. During the meeting, a groundbreaking blockchain-based fintech innovation was presented by the non-profit Stellar Development Foundation, which is known for its mission to utilize blockchain for global economic empowerment.

This development is intended to guarantee fair pay for local creative industry members whose works are worldwide popularized. Through the use of smart contracts, it also aims to make it easier for artists, particularly those who are just starting out, to get financing. The inventive arrangement tends to the common test looked by numerous African industry players who are frequently barred from the worldwide installments biological system.

As a result of this exclusion, copyrights and intellectual property rights are significantly violated, limiting opportunities for expansion and funding legitimate profits from worldwide commercial use of their works.

The conversations between the Stellar Development Foundation and the Bank of Ghana likewise delved into expected coordinated efforts to direct innovation and strategy developments.

The point is to improve the organization of IPs and copyrights, helping local content creators over the long run. Ghana was picked as a potential pilot country for this earth shattering drive because of the Bank's progressions in national bank computerized money, explicitly the eCedi, and its more extensive mastery in tokenization.

Both the Bank of Ghana and the Stellar Development Foundation communicated their obligation to a drawn out joint effort, underlining the positive effect it could have on the creative industry, especially the youth.


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