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I will not appoint more than 40 ministers – Alan Kyerematen

Presidential aspirant and leader of the Movement for Change, Alan Kyerematen, has uncovered a striking intend to smooth out Ghana's administration by diminishing the quantity of ministers to only 40 if elected in the 2024 general elections.

As a previous Minister of Trade, Mr Kyerematen is focusing on cost-saving measures and productivity to drive improvement across different areas of the economy.

In his promise, Mr Kyerematen underlined the significance of zeroing in assets on key areas of public improvement as opposed to keeping a broad bureau. He refered to Switzerland as a model, where fewer pastors successfully oversee the country.

Featuring sacred arrangements, Mr Kyerematen noticed that Ghana requires just 19 bureau priests, scrutinizing the reasoning behind the ongoing bigger bureau size.

He drew examinations with different nations, like the US, to highlight the disproportionality of Ghana's parliamentary portrayal.

Mr Kyerematen's vision for administration stretches out past simple underlying changes. The Movement for Change, led by him, wants to create a political climate without partisanship where every Ghanaian can actively contribute to the country's progress.

"The Development underscores the requirement for ability tackling for progress," Mr Kyerematen noted.

Mr Kyerematen conveyed a blistering investigate of both the New Devoted Party (NPP) and the Public Vote based Congress (NDC), declaring that their administration has left Ghana wrestling with the difficulties forced by the Worldwide Financial Asset (IMF).

Mr. Kyerematen claims that due to restrictions on economic management, the country's experience with IMF programs has resulted in only marginal development.

"Ghana's obligation to GDP (Gross domestic product) remains at 105%, and the IMF is supporting for a decrease to 55 percent," he uncovered.

He further contended that the apparent financial recuperation promoted by some is only an impression of the nation's delivery from the requirements forced by IMF programs.

"The 16 years of the NDC and the NPP have handled the country at the IMF in light of the fact that as a country we keep on doing things the same way," he mourned.

"How would we expect results doing things the same way," he questioned.

In encouraging Ghanaians to decide in favor of progress in the impending decisions, Mr Kyerematen stressed the meaning of examining applicants' dreams and histories.

Integral to Mr Kyerematen's vision is the foundation of a vigorous income base, with a specific spotlight on changing from roundabout to coordinate expenses.


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