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I will ensure corrupt government officials are prosecuted – Mahama

The flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), John Dramani Mahama, has given a firm mindfulness to current government authorities embroiled in the misallocation of state funds.

He asserted that would it be advisable for him he win the impending races, those liable for such activities would be responsible for the inconvenience caused to the country. Mr. Mahama highlighted that his goal isn't to start a witch chase but instead to ensure the legitimate usage of state resources, eventually helping individuals of Ghana.

Tending to the crowd during his "Building the Ghana We Need" visit in the North East Locale on April 16, he underscored the meaning of responsibility and straightforwardness in administration. He expressed that people saw as at fault for monetary blunder would confront repercussions. The previous president vowed to engage analytical and against debasement bodies to work effectively under his organization.

By permitting these substances to execute their obligations without impedance, he plans to battle defilement and maintain law and order in Ghana. Mr. Mahama urged Ghanaian youth to keep up with idealism and backing the NDC in the 2024 decisions, promising a more promising time to come under his authority.

He focused on the need for aggregate endeavors in building a prosperous and just society, featuring the significant job of the young in molding the country's direction. "… Yet I can guarantee them that individuals of Ghana will consider them responsible for what they have done.

We won't witch chase anyone, but rather assuming you have wrecked the existences of individuals of Ghana and you have misused their cash, you should represent it.

So insightful establishments and defilement foundations will work and the young people of this nation should perceive the damage caused for you," he said.


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