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I will buy Man Utd or Chelsea to prove the black man is powerful – Cheddar

Nana Kwame Bediako, otherwise called Cheddar, the founder of The New Force, has communicated his advantage in getting one of the two significant English football clubs.

The Ghanaian financial specialist, who is trying to run as an independent candidate in Ghana's 2024 election, expressed his longing to buy either Chelsea FC or Manchester Joined to exhibit that Africans are equally powerful. "As I stay here I desire to fund-raise to purchase Chelsea at the blindside of the general population or purchase Manchester Joined together and show the white man that the Person of color is additionally strong.

I might want to contribute and have an African Champions League very much like what relates in Europe. "We should areas of strength for fabricate in Africa so we can sell our players out and out to Europe as opposed to sneaking players through questionable means for peanuts," he pushed.

Nana Kwame Bediako, who hails from Kumasi, stressed the significance of Ghana utilizing its previous football stars, particularly in negotiating favorable deals for players’ transfers abroad.

The head of The New Force communicated his conviction that Ghana has not actually used its football legends in this viewpoint, which he sees as bewildering. "A couple of days prior I went to the late Dad Arko's house, he's one of my legends alongside any semblance of Opoku Nti who were the enormous stars in football when I was a young man.

"We neglected to guarantee that these quality footballers acquired unbelievable status since today these players I referenced ought to have been big-time football specialists and very much associated all over the planet.

We are not serious as a country, for that reason a considerable lot of them end up broke after their playing time," he said.


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