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I was raped by 2 armed robbers – Mzbel

Female vocalist and TV presenter, Mzbel, has related a nerve racking assault episode that happened quite a long while ago.

In a discussion with Barima Kaakyire Agyemang, the moderator trying to establish a Guinness Worldwide best for the longest interview, she point by point the occasions of that horrible day. As per her memory, she was sleeping when she felt a hand on her back.

After awakening, she found a man wearing a cloth as a camouflage. Mzbel uncovered that the aggressors ransacked her as well as exposed her to rape, disappointed with their underlying loot. She unveiled that the primary attack occurred in her room, while the second happened in her kitchen. "I have been assaulted previously. I was assaulted by equipped burglars. It was really two individuals who assaulted me.

I was resting in my bed and I felt someone hit my back so hard. I awakened and I saw a face with a cloth folded over the individual's face. They requested cash and I gave them the cash. I let them know where the cash was and showed them a couple of things. The individual requested that I rests on the bed, and I did. It was at gunpoint.

There were around seven to eight women in the house. After he was finished, someone else additionally hauled me to the kitchen; he requested that I rests, and he likewise assaulted me", she cleared up for the host. The acclaimed craftsman referenced that following the occurrence, she looked for clinical consideration, incorporating discussions with a specialist. Also, she uncovered that the culprits were caught, in spite of the fact that she later discovered that either of them died while imprisoned.

"I visited the emergency clinic after that and had a specialist who was addressing me. They [armed robbers] were captured, and a couple of years after the fact, I heard they passed on or someone kicked the bucket. "I didn't revile them. How they treated me was enough for them to be reviled.

In my heart, I was harmed, and I wanted that something horrible would happen to them or that awful things would happen to them," she said.


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