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I was pained when Fella was rubbing her relationship with Medikal in my face – Sister Derby

Ghanaian media character Sister Derby has discussed her thoughts about her ex-partner Medikal and his ex Fella Makafui displaying their sentiment via web-based entertainment.

The Ghanaian socialite, who had recently blamed Medikal for cheating with Fella Makafui, has now uncovered that while their separation didn't profoundly influence her, she found it upsetting to see them openly show their relationship, which felt like a purposeful dig at her. During a discussion with Zionfelix, Sister Derby communicated, "I wasn't exactly irritated by their relationship, however I did wish him competently.

Nonetheless, it was destructive in light of the fact that they were by all accounts parading it in front of me and she was likewise provoking me. And still, at the end of the day, I never fought back or offended her. I acknowledged it." She likewise discussed the terrible remarks from the public that additional to the close to home type of her separation with Medikal. "The excruciating part was individuals accepting at least for now that I'm frantic for marriage.

Individuals offered absurd remarks like 'proceed to get hitched', 'nobody needs to wed you'. Do they truly figure nobody could need to wed me? It's ridiculous," she added. Thinking about her past relationship with Medikal, Sister Derby uncovered, "All through our two-year relationship, we never had any significant conflicts or battles. It was exclusively about the Fella issue." At the point when gotten some information about Medikal's way of behaving as an accomplice, she answered, "Good gracious, he wasn't difficult to be with by any means."

Sister Derby's remarks come amidst hypothesis following a joint execution with Medikal at his O2 Indigo show in London, powering bits of gossip about a potential heartfelt gathering. This came after Medikal reported his split from Fella Makafui and announced himself single. Tending to her ongoing relationship with Medikal, Sister Derby explained that their dramatic coordinated effort was a token of help for a companion and 'sweet ex,' stressing that their collaboration stays proficient and well disposed.

"I went along with him in front of an audience to help my companion, my sweet ex. It was a greeting I joyfully acknowledged. We've worked together artistically, and our relationship is agreeable and business-centered," she made sense of.


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