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I was heavily addicted to drugs; I literally sold everything in my father’s house – Timothy Bentum

Ghanaian entertainer and pastor, Timothy Bentum, as of late shared his journey of engaging chronic drug use for a considerable length of time, revealing insight into the difficulties he looked during this period.

Bentum uncovered that he was profoundly dependent on cocaine and different medications, to the degree of offering his dad's properties to support his enslavement. In a profound meeting with Accra-based Delight News, he described the profundities of misery he encountered, stating, "I was gone, and it was something ordinary.

I was vigorously dependent; I in a real sense sold everything in my dad's home." Regardless of the seriousness of his compulsion, Bentum offered thanks for his redemption, crediting his recuperation to an otherworldly intercession. He conceded that he couldn't completely make sense of how he figured out how to break free, underlining the huge job God played in his life.

"By and by, I don't think I have a clinical clarification for it since God assumed an enormous part in my life," Bentum underlined. "My case is odd on the grounds that I had no withdrawal side effects, I had no running nose." Bentum's story impacts others in the imaginative business, similar to artist Okyeame Kwame, who defied wretchedness in the midst of expert difficulties.

Okyeame Kwame shared his excursion of contemplation and withdrawal from music for a year to address his own battles. Joining the discussion, MOG Music focused on doing combating dependence on masturbation, smoking, and liquor. He attributed his freedom from these indecencies to a profound experience that prompted an unmistakable delivery from his desires in the wake of associating with the Essence of God.

As these accounts of dependence and recuperation become exposed, Ghanaian performer Rex Omar encouraged the general population to show empathy and backing to those managing illicit drug use.

He underlined the significance of grasping fixation's risks and stretching out some assistance to those out of luck.


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