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I was desperate to become a movie star but ended up being a lesbian – Lady recounts

An aspiring actress shared her excursion of double-dealing and debate as she tried to accomplish her fantasies of fame.

The lady, who decided to stay unknown, uncovered how her troublesome foundation pushed her to venture out from home and go to Accra looking for better open doors.

After showing up in Accra, she looking for a job as a vehicle wash specialist, trusting it would be a venturing stone to her acting profession. However, when she met a wealthy client who promised to assist her in entering the entertainment industry, her life took a dark turn.

During their discussions, the client, whose personality stays undisclosed, proposed to acquaint her with compelling individuals in Ghana's imaginative area. Nonetheless, the help accompanied an upsetting condition, she needed to take part in a sexual relationship with the client, who distinguished as female.

The aspirant actress reluctantly agreed to the client's proposal because she was in desperate need of support and had no other options. She described how she was manipulated and sexually assaulted to the point where she lost consciousness. "I met a client who vowed to make me a celebrity on the off chance that I laid down with her, she guaranteed things will be entirely fine assuming I laid down with her notwithstanding my opposition.

Lady narrated, "I agreed to her sexual advances because I had no one to rely on." This disclosure comes when Ghana is wrestling with conversations around LGBTQ+ privileges, with a dubious enemy of LGBTQ+ bill forthcoming endorsement from President Akufo-Addo.

The lady's story reveals insight into the abuse and weaknesses looked by numerous people, especially those attempting to explore the serious media outlet.


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